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I.               The History  

     The Ilagan Baptist Church, an independent, fundamental, and Bible-believing Baptist Church,   has been known as the Church that cares and the place of God-fearing, loving and sweet-spirited people.  The mission work in Ilagan, Isabela was started on February 14, 1987 by Pastor Jose B. Cabajar with the assistance of Bro. Jose Talana and Sis. Merlie Binag with primary goals were to spread the Word of God, to bring the lost people to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, and to teach them to walk the Christian life using the Bible (King James Version) as the supreme authority and the only rule of faith and practice. The work then was being supported by La Loma Baptist Church in Quezon City and Cabagan Baptist Church in Isabela. Weekly Bible studies were conducted in strategic barangays and after 15 months of fruitful evangelism/mission work, the believers were gathered together on May 1, 1988 for the first Church Services held in a rented office located at the town proper. The Wednesday Prayer Meeting Service started on July 27 that same year. After a year, the congregation moved to a house church located in Calamagui I where they stayed for 7 fruitful years.  

     In November 1990, the Ilagan Bible Institute was started which offers a three-year course leading to the Graduate of Theology Degree with the primary purpose of training and developing people to properly divide and communicate the Word of God, equipping them for the ministry and other areas of Christian service. In January 1991, the First Annual Missions Conference was held to emphasize Christ’s Great Commission to spread the Gospel to the regions beyond, and to teach Christians to support the mission program through prayers and faithful mission giving. In January 1992, IBC became an independent church wherein its operating capital comes mainly from tithes and offerings of its members and other people attending its regular Services. On September 29, 1992, it was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission under the corporate name Ilagan Baptist Church, Inc., a religious and independent corporation with S.E.C. Registry No. ANO92-03896, and with Pastor Jose. B. Cabajar as the Chairman and Official Pastor. 

    The Church acquired a 1,300-square meter property in Pulipol, Baligatan, Ilagan, Isabela, and in 1995 commenced the construction of a new church building, progressively as the Lord provided, and the church moved in after two years though it was still unfinished. It was on September 15, 2002 that IBC held the Thanksgiving and Prayer of Dedication for the new IBC Worship area led by Pastor Melvyn L. Brown and Pastor Jose B. Cabajar. 

      God has greatly manifested His faithfulness and we just praise and thank Him for His awesome working in our midst; for His loving kindness; His miraculous provisions and protections; for the strength and victories; for the wonderful privileges to be used to reach the world with the Gospel; and for all the countless blessings He has graciously and generously bestowed upon us to enjoy. His abiding presence and sufficient grace have been our comfort and strength.  

     There are yet many works to be accomplished, many battles to be fought, and many victories to be won. With one heart and spirit, we will continue to face the challenges and endeavor to reach our goals, all for the glory of God, looking unto Jesus Who is the Author and Finisher of our faith.  


II.             IBC Personnel and 2009 Board of Trustees 

                2009 BOT:               

                Chairman   :   Pastor Jose B. Cabajar

                Secretary    :   Sis. Ofelia C. Binag

                Treasurer    :   Sis. Claire P. Paguirigan

                Members    :   Bro. Eliseo G. Claravall

                                       Bro. Rosman Bermudez

                                       Sis. Salvacion G. Apostol   

                Staff Workers:

                Sis. Josephine Canceran

                Sis. Marie Grace Carino  


 III.            IBC Ministries, Programs and Projects 

      In line with our vision and mission to spread the Word in order to reach the world with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, we engage in various ministries, programs and projects, to wit: 

A.     Church Services 

     IBC holds Sunday School Services for Adults and Children, Worship Service, and Gospel Hour Service on Sundays, and Mid-week Prayer Meeting Service on Wednesdays, to bring people into the presence of God and to teach them sound Bible doctrines and principles to live by. We have opportunities for people of all ages to join and worship God. 

B.      Soul Winning Program 

     We conduct personal witnessing, counseling, visitations, home and campus Bible studies, extension classes for children, and we minister to the needy children of Lingap Center and their care givers. 

C.     Mission Program 

     Our utmost priority is to proclaim the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ which is the extreme need of the world, and build up mission loving people. We hold Annual World Missions Conference and we thank God for the wonderful privilege to be a channel to promote world missions and to be given the opportunity to encourage other churches to do the same.  

     As of March 2009, IBC is supporting more than 70 foreign missionaries in Cambodia, Africa, United States, and other countries; and more than 30 missionaries in different regions of the Philippines. 

     IBC has sent her own missionaries, products of the Ilagan Bible Institute, in Cabarroguis, Maddela and Nagtipunan, Quirino Province where Baptist Churches have now been established. More mission outreaches are being established and more mission surveys are being conducted to scout potential areas where churches could be put up.  

 D.     Website Ministry 

      One of the breakthroughs in our ministry is IBC’s extraordinary internet/web presence. Through the website created, we have gained access to reach untold millions all over the world with the Gospel of Christ. It is quite amazing how God is tremendously blessing this ministry  using it as an effective tool for witnessing, counseling, and as a ”Resource” of Bible-based messages which could be available to people with internet access.   Hence, we are committed to utilize this tool in the most effective way possible. 

       IBC website:  

E.      Ilagan Bible Institute 

     The IBI offers a three-year course leading to the Graduate of Theology Degree with the purpose of training and developing students to properly divide and communicate the Word of God, equipping them for the ministry and other areas of Christian Service. Along with this aim, the Institute is dedicated to the task of developing the quality of leadership that is much needed today. 

F.     New Generation Bible Club (NGBC) and Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS) 

     The NGBC ministry is a great avenue in bringing young people to Christ and enhancing their social and spiritual life. Their gathering takes place every Sunday afternoon. It is also a good training ground for young preachers/IBI students and graduates, and even musicians, to develop their leadership and other potentials. NGBC Sportsfest is held occasionally to demonstrate their skills, strength and endurance as they compete in different sports, and this much awaited event draw the attention of our young people to the value of a well balanced physical, spiritual and social life. 

     The DVBS is a crowd-drawing summer ministry. This fun-filled, six-day activity revolves around unforgettable themes which children from 5 to 16 years old truly enjoy. The program includes precious time of Bible lessons, scripture memorization, singing, arts and crafts, exciting games, and competitions.  

G.    Music and Art Ministries 

     Music plays a vital part in the life of a Christian and in the ministry of the church. It could be used as a potent instrument to draw man’s heart closer to God. Among the  thrusts of our music ministry include helping our young people and adults alike to discover and enhance their God-given talents and potentials so they could be used by the Lord for His honor and glory; and encouraging them to have deep appreciation and interest for godly music so they’ll be kept away from questionable music and activities. 

     Activities are: IBC Annual Summer Music Workshop wherein we teach Christians how to play piano, viola, violin cello, clarinet, flute, clarinet, trumpet and other musical instruments; IBC Mini Orchestra; choirs; Jubilee; Art Competition; and other programs. 

H.    Gospel Tract Ministry 

     This ministry was launched on January 22, 2006. We are engaged in designing, printing and in the distribution of good quality Gospel tracts, free of charge, to Baptist Churches and Christian Ministries within our area and eventually, worldwide. We have been entrusted with the truth and given ample opportunities to spread it. By all means, and with God’s help, we will spread it that the whole world may know that “Jesus Saves”. 

     We have printed and distributed thousands of copies of the tracts: “Your Opportunity To Be Saved”; “Jesus Saves”; “Short Life”; and “Apagbiit A Biag”. 

I.      Seminars  

     We conduct seminars such as: Discipleship Seminar designed to support and strengthen the Discipleship Program of our church by training believers on ways to effectively minister to the spiritual needs of new converts and to better equip them to do the Lord’s work in love, faith and joy; Family Life Seminar which aims to build and maintain a healthy, joyful marriage and family relationships based on biblical principles as designed by God; and other lectures on various aspects of Christian life and the ministry. 

IV.            2009 IBC Goals for the Glory of God 

                -       To acquire a land to be used for other future ministries of the church.

                -       To continue our building project: the foundations of the next span.

                -       To establish strong Bible-believing Baptist Churches in Delfin Albano, San Manuel, and Palanan, Isabela, and other provinces.

                -       To conduct more mission surveys where we could start new ministries.

                -       To expand the publication of Gospel tracts and other Christian literatures.

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